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Our planned route for 2019 is an exciting one – see the the map below. The route will take us north from Uruguay (where our Landy is currenlty stored in a barn on a farm), past the Iquazu waterfalls (for a 2nd visit) to the Pantanal in Brazil – an amazing ecosystem. We will then drive east to exeprience the famous beaches of northern Brazil and work our way up north. At Recife we will take a 2 hour flight to visit the island Fernando de Noronha for a few days. Then we continue to the Amazon river. When we reach  Belem we plan to take a ferry across the mouth of the river and then continue north to visit the 3 small seldom visited countries French Guiana, Suriname and Guyana. Unfortuantely Venezuela is a no-go area the moment so from Guyana we will travel south to Manaus and from there to Porto Velho along the infamous hell road – one big mud bath when it rains. We did not initially plan to do that road, but with Venezuela being closed that is the one and only road that one can take if you want to go west, the Amazon does not have any other east-west roads.

Experiencing central Amazon first hand will be a dream come true for the two of us!

At the end of this trip we plan to leave the Landy in Cusco again (same place where we stored it at the end of our 2nd leg in 2017) .

Click on the square in the right hand top of the frame in the map below and you will be directed to google maps from where you can zoom right in to see our planned route in detail.

We are leaving on 8 June and once there we will update this page from time to time so that you can follow our progress.

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  1. Love reading about your journey and admiring your photo’s.

    When I leave Dubai one day I would love to do something like this, so thank you for all the articles and useful tips.

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