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Route travelled

Below is a map of the route that we followed in South America since December 2016 (actual tracks from our GPS). Leg 1 is shown in blue (starting in Montevideo, Uruguay and ending in El Boson, Argentina). Leg 2 in maroon (starting in El Boson and ending in Cusco, Peru). And Leg 3 in Green from Cusco to Colonia del Sacramento in Uruguay, almost exactly where we started. These 3 legs represent 37 000km’s of travel in the Landy and necessitated 27 border crossings.

Click on the square in the right hand top of the frame and you will be directed to google maps from where you can zoom in to see our route in detail.

Our planned route for 2019 will entail mainly Brazil and the 3 countries in the far North East of that continent. You can see our planed route here.

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  1. Johann van der Merwe

    Julle trip is fassinerend, ons was al vyf keer in Argentina en beplan weer een, ons seun bly al vyf jaar daar

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