Since my early childhood days I have been watching my mom and dad dancing the Tango.

What an unbelievable graceful and sensual dance – I have always been infatuated  by it! I could not wait to pursue everything about the Tango in Buenos Aires, as this is where the dance originated among the working class of Buenos Aires centuries ago.

Vivian and I chose our accommodation at the suburb of San Telmo in Buenos Aires, as we were told that this was the hub of the Tango.  We were not disappointed and on the very first night we arrived at our hostel we attended a Tango lesson. I can assure you that to accomplish this dance, is no mean feat.

Watching the locals doing thier steps in a local restaurant

We were told that just a few blocks down the road, on the second floor of the building we would find a Milonga, a club where locals spend the night dancing the Tango on quite a big dance floor. It only starts at 11 at night every Wednesday evening until 2am in the morning , with a live band setting such a sensual atmosphere.  I just sat there spell-bound with my eyes glued on the couples moving as one on the dance floor, their cheeks pressed against each other,  eyes closed allowing themselves to be led by the music while performing intricate movements with their feet . We also tried our hand or shall I say feet at the Tango, but you simply cannot do the Tango without proper dancing shoes…..and proper practice. 

Tango in a Milonga - a club where locals go to dance the tango
At a local club where the people from Beunos Aires come to enjoy their beautiful dance

Even the free Tango performances on the sidewalks and squares in San Telmo and also in La Bocca, were of a very high standard and beautifully executed. We also attended a formal Tango show at a very old authentic theater and enjoyed it thoroughly.

Tango at night on the street

The Tango dance will always be our favourite and we will keep on practicing as it still remains on our bucket list to become accomplished tango dancers. 

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