Not being a cultural snob, Vivian has always enjoyed a cowboy movie. Actually, cowboy movies are the only ones that he really likes! So when we drove through southern Bolivia, visiting Tupiza was high on our agenda – the story goes as follows…

We retrace the steps of Vivian’s cowboy heros

In 1908 after having robbed one bank too many, Butch Cassidy (real name Robert Parker) and the Sundance Kid (Harry Longabaugh) fled Texas when the reward for their lives became too high and the odds against them too much. In order to build a fund for their retirement they decided to flee to Bolivia to rob a few unsuspecting and poorly guarded banks and cash being transported.

On 3 November 1908, the 2 cowboys trailed an unsuspecting party of 3 that were transporting a payroll from Tupiza to a mine to the north of town. In rugged country, as the trio descended a hill called Huaca Huaṅusca, the 2 cowboys pounced and relieved the party of a mule and their cash. However, the alarm was sounded and a 4-man contingent of soldiers caught up with Butch and Sundance in San Vicente to the west of Tupiza. Butch killed a soldier and in the ensuing fight Sundance was badly wounded. Butch, realizing that they were trapped, shot Sundance between the eyes and ended his own life with a shot in his temple – or so the story goes.

So, when we visited Tupiza we made sure that we stayed in Hostel Butch Cassidy and we hired a few horses to see whether we could find any Bolivianos (the Bolivian currency) left somewhere in the hills – but sadly we found none.

Below are a few photos from our excursion, an experience that we thoroughly enjoyed!

The typical topography where the 2 outlaws carried out their last ambush.





Hanlie looking for the lost Bolivianos (the Bolivian currency)

 To re-inforce our experience we even stayed in the Butch Cassidy hostel – it was absolutely freezing and far too cold to camp.

Johan and Mariaan’s Land Cruizer in front of Hostal Buch Cassidy






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